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The Social Welfare Department is one of the most important Department in the State which implements the Welfare Programmes designed for the upliftment of disadvantaged segments of the population, specially, Women, Children, Disabled person, old and aged etc.The Department has the following Institutions at its control

a. Govt. Ideal Blind School, Takyelpat
b. Govt. Deaf & Mute School, Takyelpat
c. Welfare Training Institute, Takyelpat
d.  Anganwadi Training Centre, Takyelpat
e. Working Ladies Hostel, Takyelpat
f. State ICDS Cell at Head quarters
g. State Bal Bhavan, Khuman Lampak


1. District Social Welfare Offices at all District Head quarters in the state 9 nos
2. District ICDS (Imphal, Ukhrul, Senapati, Churachandpur)    4 nos
3. Twin District ICDS Cells (Thoubal/Chandel, Bishnupur/Tamenglong)  2 nos


1. Block level ICDS Projects
(Imphal East-I, Imphal East-II, Imphal West-I, Imphal West-II, Jiribam, Bishnupur, Moirang, Thoubal, Kakching, Churachandpur, Thanlon, Henglep, Singngat, Parbung, Samulamlan, Chandel, Chakpikarong, Tengnoupal, Machi, Ukhrul, Phungyar, Kasom Khullen, Kamjong, Chingai, Mao, Kangpokpi, Saikul, Purul, Pao-Mata, Tamenglong, Tamei, Nungba, Tousem and Imphal City (U).

The Department is implementing Welfare programmes directly or indirectly under State, Central, CSS etc. under strict and uniformed guidelines.

This Scheme aims at for the welfare and upliftment of Women specially destitute, divorced, widows. For this one Destitute Women Home i.e. Raja Dumbra Destitute Women Home run by All Manipur Women’s Association was given State grant of Rs. 20,000/- as usual. The State run Working Ladies Hostel accommodated 9(nine) low paid employees at the rate 5% of the pay as House Rent monthly.

Under the Manipur State Women Development Corporation Ltd., training was imparted to women including School drop-outs in the different traditional and non-traditional trades such as Handloom weaving, type writing & short hand, Readymade Garments, Mosquito Net weaving, Leather, Beauty culture and Computer etc. in collaboration with N.G.Os under the various schemes of Govt. of India, NORAD & STEP etc. During the year, a sum of Rs. 10.00 lakhs was given grant to the Manipur State Women Development Corporation Ltd.


The United Nations had already declared operation the “Rights of the ChildE To fulfill the objective, the Deptt. Implemented Welfare programmes for Children also. Many destitute Children, orphans from Hills and plain have been sheltered in the Children’s Homes run by eminent 8(eight) N.G.Os. to which the Department extended financial grants annually. During the year, 1999-2000, a sum of Rs. 6.46 lakhs was spent to benefit about 287 Destitute, Orphan and neglected children in the State.

The State Bal Bhavan, Khuman Lampak is a recreational-cum-Educational Centre for children of all types irrespective of caste, creed and colour where various recreational activities like Song & Dance, Sitar/Guitar/Tabala recital, painting, soft toy making, computer education, Library-cum-Doll House, Children Park, Science Park, were available for the benefit of the children. Programmes are conducted throughout the year including programmes of Summer & Winter camps. Selected children were deputed to outside the State to participate the competitions. Seminar/Workshops annually. Fund for this was borne by National Bal-Bhavan, India. Two children, namely, Piyaibala Ayam and M. Jotin received National Balshree Awards, 1999 for creative writing and innovative science respectively, honored by the President of India. Recently, a Science park was installed at this Centre with the assistance from the Science and Technology Department, Manipur.

During this year 284 (two hundred eighty four) dependent/fostered children were given scholarships for educations @ 60/- p.m. per head. A sum of Rs. 2.05 lakhs was spent during the year 1999-2000 for benefiting 284 such children.

Integrated Development programme for Women & Children (Girl child and Adolescent Girls) at Border Town of Moreh was started during the end of the year, 1998-99. The objectivity of the BADP Project is to reduce gender disparities and to improve the status of the Girl Child and Adolescent Girls living in the Border Area for getting equal opportunities for survival and Development. Under the Scheme “THE COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMMEEto promote awareness of personnel Hygiene, Community Health Services, Social Work, Food & nutrition Education, Family Welfare, gender issues and Women rights, Maternity and child Health, Rights of the Child, Drugs and AIDS and Vocational Training Programme for Adolescent Girls. 30(thirty) trained Adolescent girls have been formed as Self-help Groups in order to sustain the employment generation programme. During the coming year, a separate society for the adolescent girls will be set up for self-sustaining of income. Credit facilities through the State Women Development Corporation and Banks to the Adolescent Society will also be arranged for continued flow of fund for working capital of the Society. A sum of Rs. 10.00 lakhs was spent during 1998-99 and 1999-2000.

The Department organized UNIVERSAL CHILDREN’S DAY celebration on 14th November, 1999 at the 1st Manipur Rifles Parade Ground as usual. A 2(two) day’s workshop on “RIGHT OF CHILDE sponsored by UNICEF in co-operation with the Manipur Human Rights Commission was held on the 10th & 11th May, E9 with a view to make the people aware about the UNITED NATION’S CONVENTION  on the Rights of the Child.

A State Level workshop on Rural Water Supply, Health, Sanitation & Nutrition under SPAC (State Plan of Action for Children) was held from 30th August to 1st Sept., 1999, sponsored by UNICEF.


A One Day Workshop, on the ‘Implementation of the Juvenile Justice ActEwas held on 17th February, 2000 sponsored by the UNICEF.

Government Ideal Blind School at Takyel is a High School Standard school and the only school of its kind in the State in which Semi-Blind and totally Blind Children (both Boys and Girls) were admitted annually. Hostellers were give a Diet allowance @500/- p.m. during their stay at the school Hostel. Free Books, Stationeries were supplied ot the students with facilities for Reader teachers and Braille Instructor, Dance/Music classes. One of the Girl Students, i.e. Km. Sunita Nepram, who was an Awardee at National Level in Song and Music have been appointed as an employee of the Department. During the year, 96 (ninety six) students enrolled.

Govt. Deaf & Mute School is similarly a high school in which Deaf & Mute Children (both boys and girls) were given education by special techniques, i.e. signed languages and demonstrations. 56(fifty six) Deaf & Mute children were given education in various classes upto X(ten) standard during the year under report. For this school also Hostel facilities were given and each hosteller were given a diet allowance @ 500/- p.m. EAltogether a sum of Rs. 7.30 lakhs was spent under the diet allowance for benefiting 152 Disabled children in the two schools.

Scholarships to Disabled students reading in different schools/colleges inside and outside the State were also given During the year, a sum of Rs. 1.20 lakhs was spent for benefiting 321 Disabled students.


International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed at State level and District Head quarters in which Mass Rallies by willing volunteers of leading NGOs took part, displaying placards, festoons in June 1999.

Awareness Camps were also organized by the NGOs specially on the hot topics of HIV and AIDS confronting the youths of To-day in co-ordination with the Social Welfare Department and Medical Department, Manipur.


Manipur Old Age pension Rules provide the conditions for grant of monthly pensions to old and aged persons preferably low income group and handicaps. Under this scheme, a sum of Rs. 100/- p.m. per pensioner were given. During the year, a sum of Rs. 47.70 lakhs was spent for benefiting 3974 Old aged persons.

Under the Schemes of the Central Social Welfare Board, the Manipur State Social welfare Advisory Board took up a number of schemes such as Awareness Generation for Rural and poor women, condensed courses of Education for Adult women and vocational training courses, Socio-economic programmes and Grant-in-aid programmes through the NGOs. Apart from this, Multipurpose services like Balwadi, Craft, Social Education for Women and Children were also taken up under the Border Area Welfare Extension Projects.

During the year, a maintenance grant of Rs. 6.00 lakhs and Rs. 10.00 lakhs were given to the Manipur State Social Welfare Advisory Board (MSSWAB).


This is a feeding component programmed under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of ICDS. During the year under report 150.425 metric tones of Skimmed milk powder was procured for distribution to Anganwadi Centres under ICDS Projects. During the year, a sum of Rs. 2,05,80,00/- was sanctioned for benefiting 93,940 children and 24,639 expectant and nursing mothers.

This is a cent percent Centrally Sponsored Scheme implemented by the State Government under Central guidelines. We have 34 ICDS Projects and 6 Districts ICDS Cells and one State ICDS Cell to implement, monitor and evaluate the Scheme. 4,181 Anganwadi Centres are actively running with 4181 Anganwadi Workers and 4181 Helpers who received Honorarium monthly from the ICDS Projects and have facilities of appointment to the post of ICDS Supervisors as per Recruitment Rules. Educational/Teaching materials like Black, boards, furnitures, charts, maps etc. including feeding items were supplied free to these Anganwadi Centres. 93,940 Children in the age group of 6 months- 6 years were benefited. Besides, 24,639 pregnant women and nursing mothers were given supplementary nutrition and 1,12,202 nos of pre-school children were given facilities under 4181 Anganwadi Centres. A sum of Rs. 958.13 lakhs was spent.

Under ICDS Programmed, training plays a vital role in the successful implementation of the programme. During the year 1999-2000, the following training programmes were conducted by the training Institutes noted against them.

Name of
Trg Course

Beneficiaries Trained

Name of 
Supervisor CDPO
1 Job 
630 - - - 4 Anganwadi
Training centres/NIPCEED Gauhati
2 Refreshers Course 160 200 10 5 -do-
3 Orientation course 550 - - - 4 AWTCs

The ICDS Project Staff and Angawadi Centres actively assisted the Medical Department in the Pulse Polio Immunization Progamme in their respective jurisdictions.


The scheme has 3(three) components as follows:-
National Family Benefit Scheme (NBS) which provides financial assistance when the head of the household belonging the poverty line expired. Rs. 23,40,000/- spent.

National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAP)- Payment @ 75/- per old pensioner p.m. Rs. 87,71,000/- spent.

National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS) EPayment of Financial assistance @ 500/- when women belonging to family below poverty line delivers child. Rs. 25,52,000/- was spent.

The District-wise achievements for the scheme are given below (however due to non-release of 2nd and subsequent installments from the Govt. of India, the achievements are few). This Schemes are directly implemented by DRDAs through District Social Welfare Officers



Beneficiaries Under
1 Imphal East 1093 48 1344
2. Imphal West 2359 59 1669
3. Thoubal 1762 21 626
4. Churachandpur 1055 13 374
5. Chandel 426 5 148
6. Bishnupur 1084 13 384
7. Ukhrul 655 8 230
8. Tamenglong 517 6 190
9. Senapati 1251 15 444




Under various Central Schemes, like NORAD, NCT, CRECHE, DRUG AWARENESS, COUNSELING CENTER FOR DRUG, MOBILE MEDICINE, DAY CARE CENTRES, this Department used to inspect and enquire into the deserving cases of NGOs which applied for financial grants from various Ministries of Govt. of India and recommended the deserving cases through the State Government. During the year, 1999-2000, 86(eighty-six) cases of N.G.O.s were recommended for financial grant.

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